San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is located at the southern shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi at 780 m.a.s.l. in the province of Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina, and 1600 Km. from Buenos Aires.

Although the area has witnessed the passage of humans for several thousand years ago, in the seventeenth century the white man comes through the Andes from the present territory of Chile.
Bariloche was founded in 1902, at that time was known as “Colonia San Carlos”, a small town surrounded by unique natural and scenic beauties that gradually drew attention to European and adventurous young immigrants in search of new opportunities.

The greatest height of San Carlos de Bariloche happened between 1930 and 1940 where large investments and works boosted the economy of the region by promoting national and international tourism, such as the construction of the luxurious Hotel Llao Llao, the creation of Nahuel Huapi National Park, the arrival of the railroad, the launching of the Modesta Victoria, emblematic boat from Holland and many buildings of great architectural value made by Arq. Estrada and Bustillo.

Bariloche is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Argentina and Patagonia, specially for Adventure tourism. He was also known for many years as “Little Switzerland” because of its similarity to some European country in 30-40 years, now it exceeds 150,000 inhabitants and the tourism industry is its main economy.

The winter season (July to September) invites you to enjoy winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and Gastronomy Regional.

The summer season in Bariloche, is a bit longer (November-April) proposes many attractions for both traditional classic Sightseeing tours and lake excursions, as for those looking for outdoor activities, adventure travel tours and active vacations: guided kayaking tours, hiking, hut-to-hut trekking traverses, white water rafting, fishing, mountain biking, bicycling, climbing, multi-sport, mountaineering, etc. in full contact with nature.

The nearest towns are Villa La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes, El Bolson and Esquel in Argentina. Osorno and Puerto Montt. in the Republic of Chile.

Bariloche has a tourist infrastructure in hospitality and first class cuisine, for the realization of corporate events, incentive travel, international conventions and sporting events.
In 2013 it was designated a national adventure tourism and active vacations capital of Argentina, for their privileged geographical features (mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, glaciers, steppe) and the great potential of the region in the segment of active tourism and adventure travel.

Nahuel Huapi National Park

The Nahuel Huapi National Park is located in the southwestern corner of the province of Neuquen and northwest of Black River, Patagonia Argentina. It is the first national park created in Argentina, recognized as such in 1934, driven by visionary scientist and explorer Francisco Pascasio Moreno (1852-1919) who did the job as an expert in border disputes with Chile since 1897.

The Nahuel Huapi National Park, has a current extension of 710,000 hectares, with different areas and distinct environments: steppe, forest, valdivian forest and Andean. Their heights ranging from 500 m to nearly 3500 meters, being the most prominent Tronador Mountain and Lake Nahuel Huapi the fifth largest lake in Argentina.

Its varied geography, flora and fauna characterize it as one of the most beautiful parks and protected area of Patagonia and Argentina.

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Mi marido y yo acabamos de volver de nuestra luna de miel y pasamos los primeros cinco días en Bariloche. Uno de los puntos destacados de todo nuestro viaje fue nuestras excursiones con senza Limiti. Nuestro primer día hicimos un viaje de senderismo hasta el Monte Bella Vista. Nuestro guía era fantástico y nos lo pasamos tan bien que terminamos reserva otra excursión con ellos dos días más tarde.

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Mi esposa y yo tuvimos un viaje por Argentina y, por desgracia, que finalmente con nosotros. Después de unos días de descanso y recuperación en Bariloche, decidimos tomar el senza Limiti kayak tour de un día donde nos conocimos Luciano, el propietario de senza Limiti y nuestro guía. Él fue estupendo. nos mostró los lagos región, compartieron historia y geología de la zona, y preparado una muy buena comida gourmet durante una parada de conejo Island. Os lo recomiendo.

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